Attractions in Bali

Bali island has become a tourist destination for foreign tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful beach, many tourist attractions you can visit when you are on the island of Bali. Ranging from a variety of beaches, and an interesting art culture. For Tourist spots in Kuta, you can see through Kuta Bali.

Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Bali’s most charming and worth a visit while on the island.

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is a tourist place in Bali that offers you a large selection of water alluring tourist activities, such as snorkeling, parasailing, diving, boat riding, sailing, surfing, viewing underwater scenery with a glass bottom boat, as well as various other water sports activities.

Tanjung Benoa Bali

This is the tourist paradise of water in Bali. It is also one of the family travel destinations that you should take into account. Tanjung Benoa beach has white sand and calm surf.

Located in the district of Tanjung Benoa, Badung, you need to walk for 45 minutes from Denpasar to arrive on Tanjung Benoa Beach this. Besides water sports, another charm in this beach is Turtle Island, a breeding spot various species of turtles are already scarce.

Tanah Lot

This is one of the tourist spots in Bali which has the best sunset panorama. In a spot called the Sunset Terrace, you will witness the spectacular sunset views. When dusk began to greet, among the clouds were not so thick, the sun in the sky Pura Luhur Tanah Lot began to turn reddish. When the light dims, the circle seemed more intact. Looks pretty behind the beautiful silhouette of the temple. This is one of the unique charm on the island.

Sunset Terrace in Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is located in the middle of the sea, about 300 meters from the beach and there are rocks with a large cave in the middle. The name Tanah Lot consists of the word “Land” meaning rock and the word “Lot” or “Lod” meaning the sea. Overall, meaning land that is in the middle of the sea.

Attractions Tanah Lot is 20 km from Denpasar Bali, can be reached by traveling about 45 minutes. If you visit Tanah Lot in Bali, dressed polite and maintain behavior. Keep in mind also, you will not be allowed to enter the temple was there because the area is sacred.

That’s a few information about Tourist spots in Bali, may be useful.